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In honor of the holiday season, this week’s Best of the Blogs presents a special Grinch edition.  Click Here to watch the Grinch’s heart grow.

A group of law students at the Suffolk University Law School have put together a guide to suing Santa Clause. As a former litigator, I don’t know whether to be proud or to send them a lump of coal.  Check it out at the Above the Law Blog here.

I always dreaded holiday parties at my old law firm.  It seemed to me that these events presented a minefield of potential personal and professional disasters.  You can read about one law firm’s Christmas party hook up, and its legal consequences, at the FindLaw UK Blog here.

Do retailers have a legal duty to anticipate and prevent Black Friday stampedes?  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until OSHA provides its annual “Crowd Management Safety Tips for Retailers.”  Read them at your own risk at the OSHA Law Blog here.

Any family law practicioner will tell you that the holidays wreak havoc with custody agreements.  Sticking to the terms of the agreement is important, but so is remembering the purpose of the holidays in the first place.  One parent shares her perspective here at the Huffington Post.

Will we ever have a clear statement from the Supreme Court regarding when local governments can and cannot display a creche on public property?  Looks like the Supremes may get a chance to revisit the issue of government-sponsored displays that include religious material.  Get all of the details at SCOTUS Blog  here.

This time of year, and the final exams that arrive with it, brings stress as well as joy.  You can read some helpful ideas for coping with stress at the Law School Academic Support Blog, located here.

My idea of stress relief?  Spend a lazy afternoon at the Milwaukee Art Museum and immerse yourself in the art.  Added bonus: the Neapolitan Creche is on display throughout the holiday season.

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One Response to “Best of the Blogs: Grinch Edition”

  1. Rick Sankovitz Says:

    I agree — no better stress-reducer than a visit to the art museum (unless, of course, the kids are in tow and the guards in the Bradley Collection won’t stop tailing you waiting to see how close the kids get to touching anything . . . )

    Thanks for the tips, Ed.

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