The Interstate Commerce Act: A Final Convocation

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Earlier this year I observed the 125th anniversary of the Interstate Commerce Act, among the most important statutes that Congress has ever enacted. I allowed that a future issue of the Marquette Law Review would publish essays by a number of leading scholars concerning the Act and its legacy. With the summer issue of the Marquette Law Review now out, that future is now.

The remembrance is titled “125 Years Since the Interstate Commerce Act: A Symposium in the Form of a Final Convocation.” As I explain in my Foreword (“The Last Assembly of Interstate Commerce Act Lawyers”), the essays, collectively available at the link at the beginning of this paragraph, are by an impressive collection of scholars:

Most of these essays are short, and each is an engaging assessment of an act whose legacy can be felt today, not only in the general fact of the administrative state whose creation began with the Interstate Commerce Act but also in specific debates (as Prof. Speta demonstrates) about regulation today. We invite you to read the essays.

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  1. Thank you, Dean Kearney! A worthy topic. It’s nice to see shorter law review articles that don’t take forever to read. I highly recommend reading a few.

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