Cuba – Yes The Cars Are Amazing

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cuba-seminary-front-green-car-e1453233240472So we all returned safely home this weekend and I look forward to blogging soon.  Truly an amazing trip of contradictions–gorgeous old cars and baroque buildings mixed with decrepit infrastructure.  Total candor on economic and planning needs and nothing on any political change…ever.  Just fascinating.  Much more to come but, given the first day of classes today, here’s a start of the pictures of the beautiful cars.  (Ed. note: click “Read More” for additional photos).cuba-red-white-car-300x225cuba-purple-car-300x225cuba-gray-white-car-300x225cuba-car-and-flag-1-e1453233222952-225x300

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One Response to “Cuba – Yes The Cars Are Amazing”

  1. Isn’t it amazing. We first visited Cuba in 1999, via Canada. Loved it. And yes the cars are amazing. It’s like stepping into a time machine.

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