2017 Class Reunions

On-online reunion registration has closed; that said, you are most WELCOME to attend and can register and pay at the reunion event location.  Please note you will need to pay with a check (payable to Marquette Law School) or cash.  The Friday Reunion reception is complimentary!

Reunion Questionnaire On-line Version


The Marquette Lawyer

For there is no eagle like a legal eagle
who hails from old Marquette -

He knows ev'ry rule they taught him in school,
and he knows a few more yet -

Coke and Blackstone are at his beck and call, But prima facie cases he likes
the best of all
So Oyer, Oyer to the Marquette lawyer,
the Hilltop leads them all.

The words and music of this song, the newest edition of songs to take its place among the halls of Marquette, was written by Prof. W.A. Henrickson. The Christmas Party given by the Law School on December 18, 1948 marked the first public presentation, and it is hoped that all law students will take Judicial Notice of the words and music.