Parking Alerts

The online parking tracker is temporarily unavailable while we switch the campus parking system. We hope to get a new version up in early September. Thank you for your patience.

Please note … the University sent the message below on August 21—Campus News and Events.

Thursday, Aug. 24, will be an exciting day as we welcome more than 2,000 students to our Class of 2021. Many of us can remember the anxiety associated with being a new student, and can appreciate the excitement and concern parents and students will be feeling as they unload cars, trucks and vans in preparation for this new chapter in their lives at Marquette. We can all “Be the Difference” by making Move-in Day 2017 as easy, painless and comfortable as possible for our new students and their families.

Please plan to allow a few extra minutes for your arrival and departure from campus on Thursday, Aug. 24. And please consider ride-sharing or taking alternate means of transportation to campus if possible. If you routinely park in the 16th Street Structure, Wells Street Structure, Lot F, Lot G, Lot R or Lot RR, as we are asking for your cooperation on that day with these changes:

·         16th Street Structure parkers should plan to park on one of the top three levels of the structure (levels 4, 5 or 6). This will then free up the lower three levels to assist with freshman move-in for McCormick Hall.

·          Lot F, Lot G and the Wells Street Structure parkers are asked to park on one of the top four levels of the Wells Street Structure (levels, 4, 5, 6 or 7). This will assist with the parking needs for students moving into Cobeen Hall, Carpenter Tower, Schroeder Hall and Abbottsford Hall.

·         Lot R and Lot RR employee parkers are asked to relocate to the new university property (Lot M) at 545 No. 9th Street. This lot is on the southwest corner of 9th and Michigan, and no gate card is necessary. Should this lot fill, employees can then move to another new property at 523 N. 8th Street.

As you make the slightly longer walk from your car to your workplace on Thursday, be sure to take a few minutes to pause and greet our new students. The parents and students will appreciate your kind words of welcome. Thank you in advance for making Move-in Day 2017 a success for all!

If Eckstein Hall runs out of parking, note that your assigned lot might also have limited parking.  Please plan a head for Thursday.  THANK you!


Tips regarding the new parking system

Please note it takes 30 seconds once a car leaves or enters for the number on the sign to change.

When exiting you must wait for the car in front of you to completely exit otherwise your parking credentials will be out of sync and the next time you try to park you won’t be able to enter.  This has happened to several already.  If it happens to you, please go to your assigned lot and Parking Services will assist you from there.  To avoid this situation simply let the car in front of you completely exit and the gate arm completely come down.  This applies not only to exiting Eckstein Hall, but also to exiting Structures 1 & 2.

The web count feature is still under construction.


Link to "new" Parking System Implementation Information.


Simple rules to be a happy Eckstein Hall parking structure user

Students must purchase a parking permit from Parking Services to have Eckstein Hall parking privileges.

Eckstein Hall parking levels fill quickly. Students should arrive on campus with the expectation that they will park in their assigned lot on campus and walk to Eckstein Hall. This guarantees a timely arrival for classes.

Church of the Gesu surface parking lot J is NOT a Marquette Law School parking lot. Students who park there at any time (day or night), will be ticketed and possibly lose their Eckstein Hall parking privileges.

When entering the Eckstein Hall parking garage, students should not pull a ticket unless they intend to pay for visitor parking. The only reason to pull a ticket is because their parking credentials are not working or because cars have lined up behind them and they cannot back up. In that case, students should pull a ticket, leave immediately by putting the ticket in the exit gate ticket machine, and go to their assigned lot. Students have a seven-minute grace period to exit with the ticket they just pulled; after that they must pay the $30 parking fee; $3 on the weekend. The parking ticket will not be validated if a student is in the structure more than seven minutes.

Please note that if parking credentials are not working, students will need to park in their assigned lot until the issue with their credentials can be resolved. Students can email Parking Services with their name, MUID number, and the type of parking they purchased for the semester, or they can report the issue to office 244B.

Students who have a University parking permit and handicap parking should alert the Building Supervisor to receive special parking instructions. Link to the complete policy at

Eckstein Hall parking structure policy serves two purposes: (a) to facilitate the parking of members of the public participating in certain Law School activities. Spaces will be set aside on a daily basis according to the number and type of Law School events; and (b) parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis to Law School students and employees who have paid for University parking. Violation of rules can result in losing parking privileges for an entire year.

Complimentary weekend parking is available on both levels only to the Law School community. Students can use their MUID to scan in (do NOT pull a ticket).

No overnight parking is permitted on either parking level. Please keep note you have 15-minutes to exit parking after the building closes.  Failure to do results in your parking credentials getting out of sync, which means you will not be able to enter the next morning and will need to see the Building Supervisor to have fixed.

Motorcycle parking is available in Structures 1 and 2. See for motorcycle parking information.

Bicycle racks are available on both parking levels. Cyclists are expected to provide their own locks.