Parking Alerts


Student Summer Parking Permits are now on sale.


May 19 – Graduating 3Ls may pull a ticket to show family members Eckstein Hall.

May 20 & 21 Eckstein Hall parking gate arms will be up; however, please note that parking closes at 5:00pm.


May 24

No permit parking on the 11th Street level until 2pm.

Limited permit parking available on the Clybourn 


June 8

No permit parking on the 11th Street level until 2pm.

Limited permit parking available on the Clybourn 


Special Alert!  A new parking system will be installed at Eckstein Hall the week of June 19th.  What does this mean for permit parkers?  There will be limited parking all that week for permit parkers. Only one level will be open at a time until the work is complete, therefore, space will be limited.

June 19 & 20. No permit parking or visitor parking on the 11th Street level. Please proceed to the Clybourn level while the 11th Street level is closed.

June 21 & 22. No permit parking or visitor parking on the Clybourn level.  Please proceed to the 11th Street level while the Clybourn level is closed.

June 23 will be used as a day to finish the project if needed – an alert will be sent on June 22 regarding what level will be available for parking on June 23.

As a reminder, if no permit spots are available at Eckstein Hall, please go to your assigned lot. I will keep the Law School community updated as the project progresses, especially if the above dates change. Thank you for your patience.

Christine Wilczynski-Vogel, Associate Dean for External Relations, Events, and Facilities, Marquette Law School


Simple rules to be a happy Eckstein Hall parking lot user . . .

  • You must purchase a parking permit from the University Parking Office and have Eckstein Hall parking privileges added to your MUID to be eligible for parking on the Eckstein Hall parking levels.
  • Eckstein Hall parking levels fill quickly. Arrive on campus with the expectation that you will park in your assigned lot on campus and walk to Eckstein Hall. This guarantees a timely arrival for classes.
  • Church of the Gesu surface parking lot is NOT a Marquette Law School parking lot. If you park there at any time (day or night), you will be ticketed and possibly lose your Eckstein Hall parking privileges.
  • When entering the Eckstein Hall parking garage, do not pull a ticket unless you intend to pay for visitor parking. The only reason to pull a ticket is because your MUID is not working, cars have lined up behind you, and you cannot back up. In that case, pull the ticket, leave immediately by putting the ticket in the exit gate ticket machine, and go to your assigned lot.  You have a seven-minute grace period to exit with the ticket you just pulled; after that you must pay the $30 parking fee. Your parking ticket will not be validated if you are in the lot more than seven minutes.
  • Please note that if your MUID does not work for parking (or if you lost you MUID), you will need to park in your assigned lot until the issue with your card can be resolved. You can email Parking Services directly to have your MUID fixed (supply your name, MUID number, and the type of parking you purchased for the semester), or you can report your issue to office 244B.
  • Link to the complete policy at structure-policy-information-permit-parkers.
  • Eckstein Hall parking structure policy serves two purposes: (a) to facilitate the parking of members of the public participating in certain Law School activities. Spaces will be set aside on a daily basis according to the number and types of Law School events; and (b) parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis to Law School students and employees who have paid for university parking. Violation of rules can result in losing parking privileges for an entire year.
  • Complimentary weekend parking is available on both levels to the Law School community (only). Use your MUID to scan in (do NOT pull a ticket).