Moot Court Board

Students who compete in national moot court competitions are invited to be members of the Moot Court General Board. In conjunction with faculty supervisors, board members oversee and administer the various components of the moot court program at MULS. Board members may apply to become Executive Board members through an application and interview process.


Chief Justice: Barry Braatz
Associate Justice of Administration: Emily Tercilla
Associate Justice of Education: Alicia Kort
Associate Justice of Intramural Competitions: Samuel (Micah) Woo
Associate Justices of National Competitions: Alexandra Klimko and Kayla McCann
Associate Justice of National Moot Court Competition: Amber Horak
Associate Justice of the Wisconsin State Bar Appellate Practice Section: Jessica Lothman

Contact the Moot Court Executive Board at

National Competitions & NMCC (Chairpersons Amber Horak, Alexandra Klimko, Kayla McCann)

  1. Jill Ingels
  2. Josie Qiu
  3. Brittany Running
  4. Brianna Meyer
  5. Henry Twomey
  6. Courtney Creekmore
  7. Jessica Goldstein
  8. Tamara Johnson
  9. Jessica Hendrick
  10. Alexis Garuz
  11. Prashant Dayal
  12. (Frederick) Eric Dore
  13. Celeste Borjas

Appellate Writing and Advocacy (Chairperson Alicia Kort)

  1. Natalie Wisco
  2. (Amardeep) Simi Singh
  3. David Conley
  4. (Keith) Kolby Venema
  5. Nicholas Sulpizio
  6. Carly Marthaler Gerards
  7. Corey Swinick
  8. Alyssa Gemein
  9. Sean Brown
  10. Nicholas Overbay
  11. Megan Glise
  12. Ashley Heard
  13. James Wold
  14. Raymond Rutz

Jenkins Intramural Competition (Chairperson Micah Woo)

  1. Rexford Sheild
  2. Andrew Duff
  3. Alan Mazzulla
  4. Kiel Zillmer
  5. Christopher Hayden
  6. Andrew Mong
  7. Kristyn Kuzniar
  8. Cody Marschall
  9. Isabelle Faust
  10. Dena Welden
  11. Danielle Snyder
  12. Gianna Tenuta
  13. Samuel Draver
  14. Robert Copley


Professor Melissa Greipp, (414) 288-6996