Restorative Justice

Marquette University Law School established the Restorative Justice Initiative in 2004 under the leadership of Janine P. Geske, distinguished professor of law and former justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in order to help support victims and communities in the process of healing from the effects of crime. With Professor Geske’s retirement from the full-time faculty in 2014, the RJI has been combined with the Law School’s other academic programs.

In particular, with the assistance of Professor Geske, Professor Andrea Schneider, director of the Law School’s dispute resolution program, and Professor Michael O’Hear, a leader of the Law School’s criminal law program, continue to offer an experience in restorative justice to upper-level law students:

Green Bay Prison Restorative Justice Program (1 credit)

This course prepares students for and encompasses a trip to the Green Bay Correctional Institution, where students will participate in a three-day restorative justice program for inmates. The prison program is facilitated by Justice Geske. Class sessions leading up to the program focus on the criminal process in Wisconsin, current issues in incarceration, diversion and problem-solving alternatives to sentencing, and the theory and practice of restorative justice. At the prison, students participate in a restorative justice circle, which includes inmates, crime victims, and other community members; afterwards, students write a paper reflecting on the experience in light of assigned readings.
















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