Event Planning

How does an RSO plan an event?

  1. If the RSO wants to have an event with a speaker, for more than 75 people, and/or utilizing University Catering  contact Director for Student Development and Academic Success Amy Rogan-Mehta before planning. Her office is within the Student Services Suite (Room238).
  2. Fill out the Event Registration Form found below.
  3. After the form is reviewed by Director Rogan-Mehta, events will be referred to the Law School's Event Coordinator or Building Supervisor to complete the planning process.

What are the deadlines to plan an event?

  1. Events with speakers or University Catering must be completely planned at least one month in advance.
  2. Events without speakers must be completely planned at lease two weeks in advance.
  3. Zilber Forum tables must be reserved at least one week in advance.

What space is dedicated to RSOs?

  1. Room 342, Room 336L, and the 342 Conference Room.
  2. These rooms are available for meetings and RSO storage.
  3. Use this space whenever possible.

How does an RSO promote events, fundraisers, etc.?

  1. Reserve a table in the Zibler Forum using the online form found below.
  2. Submit an announcement for the Monday and Wednesday Bundled Announcements using the form found below.
  3. Submit fliers to Room 238. They will be posted in designated locations by the Law School Building Supervisor.

Relevant Policies

  1. The Student Organization Policy and Procedures Manual
  2. The Student Organization Funding Policy
  3. The Student Organization Speakers Policy
  4. The Student Organization Alcohol Policy

Relevant Forms

  1. Event Registration Form
  2. Bundled Announcement Request Form
  3. Zilber Forum Table Request Form
  4. A/V Equipment and Services Request Form