Registered student organizations are provided funding as laid out in the Organization Funding Policy found below.


Expenses and events that may exceed $200 MUST be preapproved by Student Services. Fill out the Preapproval Form found below.


To deposit funds into a student organization account, complete the deposit form and return it to the Student Services Suite, Room 238.

All checks must be made payable to Marquette University.


To receive a reimbursement for costs incurred on behalf of a student organization, complete either the Excel or PDF version of the reimbursement form and return it to the Student Services Suite, Room 238.

Reimbursements can take as long as three weeks to process.

Account Balance

To inquire about the funds remaining for and funds spent by a student organization, contact Chris Monroe, Director of Budget and Finance.


If you have additional questions, please reference the Finances Section of the Student Organization Policies and Procedures and/or contact Director of Student Development and Academic Success Amy Rogan-Mehta or Mr. Casey Manders, located within the Student Services Suite, Room 238, of Eckstein Hall.

Relevant Policies

  1. The Student Organization Policy and Procedures Manual
  2. The Student Organization Funding Policy
  3. The Student Organization Alcohol Policy

Relevant Forms

  1. Deposit Form
  2. Expenses Preapproval Form
  3. Grant Application Form
  4. Reimbursement Form (PDF/XLS)