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MacBook Pro Exam Advisory – Touch Bar

Any student typing her or his exam on ExamSoft using a MacBook Pro 2016 or newer must disable the Touch Bar prior to beginning the exam. Click here to view instructions on how to edit your Touch Bar settings

Exam Proctors will also make an announcement at the beginning each exam, as part of the exam instructions. Should you have any questions, contact Student Services for the Media and Technology Group. 

Marquette University Law School licenses ExamSoft software to enable students to type exams on their laptop computers. ExamSoft's SofTest software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The software is available for download from the ExamSoft's website. The software license lasts for one academic year

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Deadline: November 22, 2016
Students must have installed SofTest and submitted the 2016_17UserAgreement exam by November 22, 2016. Students must type the user agreement text into the electronic exam file.

Passwords for exams: marquette
Passwords for your final exams will be given at the time of the exam.

  1. Where do I go to get the software?
    Students can visit https://www.examsoft.com/muls to obtain the latest version of the software for both Windows and Mac OS download.
  2. What is my password?
    ExamSoft login changes every term. Your password can be requested by visiting the ExamSoft website and clicking "Lost Student ID or Password?" You may use either your StudentID or your Marquette University email address, structured as firstname.lastname@marquette.edu, to change your password.
  3. I missed the opt-in deadline, what do I do?
    The law school emails each class that has opted-in for the use of the ExamSoft. It is up to the student to adhere to the deadline. This deadline is important as the technology staff is available during this window of time to assist should something go wrong during the installation, or user agreement process. There is no support after the opt-in deadline from the Media and Technology Group. Those students who decide to proceed in installing the software, submitting the required user agreement, and getting exams and licenses are completely on their own. Records will compared to identify students who have not met the deadline.
  4. I installed SoftTest but I do not see my exams. What do I do?
    Open the SoftTest software by clicking the icon on your desktop. Select the button for Download Exam Files and enter your username (MUID) and password. If you do not know your password, click the "?" link next to the password box. Check your Marquette email, and write down your password. Follow the on-screen prompts and select the exams to download. Press CTRL/click to select multiple exams. Note: If you do not see the exam you need, contact mulawtech@marquette.edu
  5. Why do I need to do this each academic year?
    All student data is purged at the conclusion of each academic year. You will need to request a new password and download exams and licenses each academic year.
  6. I used the software last year. Do I need to install the latest version?
    It is recommended that you install the latest version of the software on your machine. There are updates that occur throughout the year that fix bugs and enhance the software.

View the online training session