Marquette Law School Wisconsin Poll

Marquette Law School Wisconsin Poll
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The Marquette Law School Lubar Center Team is pleased to bring you information and insights from Charles Franklin and Mike Gousha about the top headlines of the latest poll of Wisconsin.

A new Marquette Law School Poll, a statewide survey of Wisconsin, takes an extensive look at issues facing the state and nation, including views of election integrity in 2020 and perceptions of crime, inflation, and illegal immigration. We also ask about increasing the minimum wage, expanded unemployment benefits, automatic voter registration of eligible 18-year-olds, and requiring a photo ID to vote.

We look at several aspects of education in the state, including satisfaction with public schools, funding for K-12 education and special education programs, and support for voucher schools.

On the national scene, we ask opinion for a major infrastructure spending increase and views of climate change, the police, and the Black Lives Matter movement. We also look at views of the coronavirus pandemic and of vaccination status.

And with about 15 months to go to the 2022 elections we review approval and favorability ratings of Gov. Tony Evers and Sen. Ron Johnson over recent years and how voters view them today.

Anytime beginning at 12:15 p.m. on August 11, watch the taped discussion. You will need to click on the words “Watch Now” above. The entire poll results will be posted on the Marquette Law School Poll webpage shortly after 1:00 p.m., following the discussion.

We miss seeing everyone and look forward to welcoming you back to the Lubar Center at Marquette Law School for in-person events when things start to return to normal. Until then, we plan to produce online programming to help keep important discussions moving forward in our community.