Career Planning Center

Welcome to Marquette Law School's Career Planning Center!   Like other aspects of a positive law school experience, success in the job market requires shared responsibility between the school and each student. The Career Planning Center (CPC) relishes its role in this school-student partnership. Our experienced staff is well-positioned to support students in exploring and defining personal career objectives, crafting job search strategies that complement those goals, developing and refining professional skills, and cultivating relationships necessary for job search success.  

While the CPC offers a wealth of services and resources, the cornerstone of our career services philosophy is individualized career planning and advising. Each student presents unique needs, motivations, values, goals, practice and geographic preferences, and credentials. Accordingly, getting to know you via one-on-one meetings is essential for us to best assess career options, tailor job search strategies, and generally guide support and encourage you in refining and achieving career objectives and navigating the extraordinarily competitive job market. 

We look forward to working with you and being a vital component of your job search.