Pro Bono Training & Scheduling


Each semester, trainings are hosted for students getting involved in pro bono projects. Recorded training sessions are available for students unable to attend live. Online viewing links are posted below.

In conjunction with completing a pro bono training, students must submit a signed Pro Bono Code of Conduct to the Office of Public Service (via and read the accompanying memorandum regarding the professional responsibilities of law students engaged in pro bono work.

The following projects are operating remotely:


Email Katie Mertz to get involved over Winter Break 2020-21

Pro Bono Project Scheduling Survey, Spring 2021

Brand new to pro bono? It's easy to get involved!

Simply watch the most recent pro bono opportunities panel and information session (the session is from early fall, but the projects presented are still relevant). Refer to the pro bono opportunities listing while you watch and submit the pro bono scheduling survey to get set up with a pro bono schedule. (Note: any projects not listed on the pro bono scheduling survey are already full for the semester)