Public Interest Research Guide

Marquette Law School is a vibrant center for legal and academic research. Through our accomplished faculty, legal research staff, and law student research assistants sponsored by the Office of Public Service, Marquette Law School seeks to advance the cause of equal access to justice through community-based research and scholarship.

We invite community based organizations serving disadvantaged populations to submit requests for legal research to the Office of Public Service. These requests will be vetted to faculty and students to determine interest and scope of response.

Members of the public interest law community are invited to explore the resources available at Marquette Law School's Eckstein Law Library and suggest ways that we can improve our service to the public. You may also wish to consider consulting with members of our facultyregarding particular areas of legal expertise, or utilizing our facilities to host continuing legal education, conferences or moot trial and appellate arguments. In these many ways, Marquette Law School holds itself out to the community as a center of legal research and public service.

For a bibliography of articles regarding law school efforts and equal access to justice produced by the Equal Justice Project of the American Association of Law Schools, see their website.

Legal Aid Library Resources
Legal Services for the Poor: Time for Reform (D.J. Besharov, Ed.) 1990 KF336 .L45 1990
Brutal Need: Lawyers and the Welfare Rights Movement 1960-1973 (M.F. Davis) 1998 KF3720 .D38 1993
Lawyers and the Pursuit of Legal Rights (J.F. Handler) 1978 K336 .H34
A Decade of Federal Anti-Poverty Programs: Achievements, Failures, and Lessons (Hollingsworth) 1977 HC 110 .P63 D42 1977
Justice and Reform: The Formative Years of the American Legal Services Program (E. Johnson) 1973 KF336 .J6 1978
Legal Services for the Poor: A Comparative and Contemporary Analysis of Interorganizational Politics (M. Kessler) 1987 KF336 .K44 1987
The Poor in Court: The Legal Services Program and Supreme Court Decision Making (S.E. Lawrence) 1990 KF336 .L35 1990
Justice and the Poor (R.H. Smith) 1919 KF390.5.P6 S64 1971 (reprint of 1919 edition)
The New International Directory of Legal Aid (p. Soar, Ed.) 2002 KF336 .A4 N38 2002 (currently due back 12-15-06)
Community Politics and Legal Services: The other Side of the Law (H. Strumpf) 1975 KF336 .S78
Justice for All? The Rich and Poor in Supreme Court History 1790-1990 (Russell Galloway) KF8742 .G26 1991 KF8742 .G26 1991
The Rights of the Poor: The Authoritative ACLU guide to poor people's rights (Helen Hershkoff) 1997 KF3720 .Z9 H47 1997
Cases and Materials on Poverty Law: Theory and Practice (Nice and Trubek) 1997, 1999 supplement BOTH ORDERED