2016 Barrock Lecture on Criminal Law

10/25/2016 - 12:15
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2016 Barrock Lecture on Criminal Law
Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Time: 12:15pm
Location: Eckstein Hall
Access: Open to Public
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Prisoners of Populism: Understanding the Politics of Mass Incarceration

Tuesday, October 25 
12:15 p.m. 
1 CLE Credit 
Complimentary parking is available on site.

Rachel E. Barkow
New York University School of Law

"We live in an age of mass incarceration and mass criminalization. These are the products of criminal justice policies created in a political environment that is often incapable of rational reflection or a sound weighing of costs and benefits. In particular, high-profile stories—not data or the specific facts of individual cases—drive criminal justice policy in the United States: The institutional structures that dominate jurisdictions throughout the country allow these stories and emotional reactions to overtake rational assessments of policies and laws. In this lecture, I will explain why our current political process produces these results and why the existing criminal justice infrastructure is ill-suited to reducing mass incarceration in the United States to any appreciable degree."

Rachel E. Barkow is the Segal Family Professor of Regulatory Law and Policy at New York University School of Law, where she also serves as the faculty director of the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law. In June 2013, the U.S. Senate confirmed Barkow's appointment as a member of the United States Sentencing Commission, following her nomination by President Barack Obama. An accomplished scholar and teacher, Barkow received her J.D. from Harvard Law School and began her career as a law clerk to Judge Laurence H. Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and to Justice Antonin Scalia at the Supreme Court of the United States.

This lecture series remembers George Barrock, L'31, and Margaret Barrock. This year's lecture is part of the 2016-2017 Marquette Forum: Freedom Dreams Now.

Questions? Contact Carol Dufek, Events Coordinator, 414.288.6452, or carol.dufek@marquette.edu.


Eckstein Hall
1215 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233