Frequently Asked Questions by Current Students

Law students will learn in class how to research cases, interpret statutes, write briefs, and present well-reasoned arguments orally and in writing.  But at some point in their legal education they will have questions that need to be asked of someone other than their professors.  The questions below are a sample of those asked most frequently by law students.  And, unlike a final exam, the answers are provided as well.

Q. How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

A. Office transcripts may be obtained online or in person for a small fee from the University’s Office of the Registrar.  Official transcripts are needed when submitting a state bar application.  Unofficial transcripts are available at no charge from the Law School’s Assistant Registrar Stephanie Danz.  Simply submit this form to Ms. Danz via email, fax (414-288-6403), or drop it off in the Student Services Suite, Room 238.  Unofficial transcripts typically are accepted when applying for a job or participating in the On Campus Interview process through the Career Planning Center.

Q. Where can I get something notarized?

A.  Notary services are available at no charge from a number of individuals within the Law School.  Notaries include Ms. Stephanie Danz, whose office is located in the Student Services Suite, Room 238, and Ms. Carol Dufek, whose office is in the Facilities and External Relations Suite, Room 244B.  Please note that notary services are often not available after 4:00 p.m.

Q. How can I get a copy of my law school application?

A.  Filling out a form and submitting it to Ms. Danz (cf. first question above) will get you a copy of your law school application at no charge.

Q. I have an unexpected exam conflict—whom do I talk to about it?

A.  Associate Dean Bonnie Thomson is the person you need to contact as soon as you find out about an exam conflict for any reason, even if you simply anticipate that there might be a conflict.  Email her immediately or stop in the Student Services Suite (Room 238) and meet with her individually.  But do not wait until exam week to contact her—the earlier you discuss the situation that is causing or might cause the conflict, the better.

Q.  Is there anything that I have to do to let the school know that I am graduating?

A.  In order to start the graduation process, you will need to go to the Academics tab of your CheckMarq account and complete the online application for graduation.

Q.  How do I know for sure that I am fulfilling all requirements to graduate?

A.  Before registration for the spring semester, Dean Thomson will do a “senior audit” for all students scheduled to graduate the following semester.  If you plan to graduate in August or December you should contact Dean Thomson no later than the semester before you plan to graduate.  Simply send anemail to Associate Dean Bonnie Thomson and request a “Senior Audit”.All senior audits will indicate howmany more credits you need to complete to earn the 90-credit J.D., and what, if any, required courses you still need to take within those remaining credits.

Q.  Can I take a leave of absence from my studies?

A.  The short answer is “YES” but it depends on your grade point average and where you are in your legal education.  Article 200, Section 209 of the Academic Regulations explains the Law School’s policy on “Voluntary Withdrawal and Subsequent Re-enrollment.”  And you should contact Associate Dean Bonnie Thomson to discuss before making any final decision about the absence.

Q.  Where do I go if my Marquette Card doesn’t work?

A.  Within the Law School, you can start by contacting Mr. Matt Aubart, Building Supervisor (Room 244B) or Ms. Carol Dufek, Facility and Event Coordinator (Room 244B).   If they can’t fix your card, you will need to go to the Card Office in Union Station, Room 158 of Alumni Memorial Union.  That is the same office where you obtained the card the first time.  If your card is damaged or lost, that is where you go to replace it.

Q. How can I get a class recorded?

A. Some professors permit lectures to be recorded but others don’t allow it.  The student is responsible for obtaining permission to have a class recorded and then submitting that request to the Law School Media and Technology Group.  A minimum of two business days advance notice is required.  The class recording service is available for students who anticipate an absence in advance, for reasons such as business travel, funeral, job interview, etc.  It is not for last minute absences due to weather conditions, illness, fatigue, Monday night football, etc.

Q. What about answers to questions that I am not even sure how to ask?

A.  Most questions that involve academics, e.g. grades, course load, credit transfer, etc., as well as student conduct issues can be found in the Academic Regulations.  But never hesitate to contact Dean Thomson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Matthew Parlow, or Director of Student Development and Academic Success Amy Rogan-Mehta if you are unsure of where to go to get the answers to your questions.

Q. How do I rent a locker?

A. After logging on to the Law School webpage, you will find a link at the top of your profile page where you can rent a locker.

Q. How do I gain access to the Fitness Center?

A.  Under the Current Student drop-down menu, you will find under the Student Services links one called Health & Wellness. Click on the Fitness Center and tab and click on the link to the Fitness Center User Agreement. After you complete the agreement, you should be able to access the Fitness Center using your student ID.