On the Issues: The Governor’s Task Force on Opioid Abuse

02/23/2017 - 12:15
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On the Issues: The Governor’s Task Force on Opioid Abuse
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Time: 12:15pm
Location: Eckstein Hall
Access: Open to Public
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Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) and State Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette), Co-Chairs of the Governor’s Task Force on Opioid Abuse

It’s been called an epidemic. In Milwaukee County alone last year, 301 people died from drug overdoses, twice the number of homicides in the county. But opioid and heroin abuse is hardly just a Milwaukee problem. It is being felt throughout the state of Wisconsin, in urban and rural areas alike. Rep. Nygren has seen the problem up close in his hometown of Marinette. His daughter has battled a heroin addiction. During their appearance at Eckstein Hall, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and Rep. Nygren will talk about the scope of the opioid crisis, the recently completed work of the governor’s task force, and what more can be done to end opioid abuse and overdoses.


Eckstein Hall
1215 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233