On the Issues: The War on Violent Crime in Milwaukee


In conjunction with the Milwaukee Film Festival’s presentation of the acclaimed documentary “The Interrupters,” the Law School will play host to a panel discussion exploring violence prevention efforts in Milwaukee.  “The Interrupters” focuses on three Chicago residents who once employed violence, but now try to “interrupt” it by intervening in disputes.  Milwaukee is using a variety of approaches to reduce its own violent crime problem.  Find out what’s working here, and whether new strategies are needed to address a surge in youth violence.  Panelists include Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, Children’s Court Judge Joe Donald, Safe and Sound Executive Director Barbara Notestein, restorative justice advocate Ron Johnson, and Marquette University student Pedro Hernandez.  Monday, September 26, 12:15 p.m., Eckstein Hall


  • Eckstein Hall
  • 1215 W. Michigan St.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233