Part-Time Option for Students Enrolled in 2014 or Earlier

Note: Some recent changes to the part-time option have been incorporated for students who enroll in 2015 and beyond. Prospective law students should review current part-time option details here.


While the part-time evening option is being phased out during a multiyear transition period, students who are enrolled in the part-time evening-only option as of fall 2014 will be unaffected by any changes.  That is, the Law School is dedicated to fulfilling all its commitments to these students.

All students, particularly part-time students, should work closely with the Law School’s Associate Dean for Administration and Registrar, Bonnie M. Thomson, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof. Nadelle Grossman, when planning class schedules, as some classes require specific sequencing and prerequisites.


At Marquette, part-time students may complete the 90 credits required for the J.D. degree in as many as six years or, with summer attendance, as few as four. Admission and graduation requirements are identical for part-time and full-time students, making it possible to convert from part-time to full-time status. Part-time students who enroll by the fall 2014 semester can choose the day option, the evening option, or a combination of the two. A minimum of two courses (at least six credits) must be taken each semester.

Part-time students should plan to attend parts of at least two days/evenings per week, depending in particular upon the pace at which they seek to move through the program. Evening classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday beginning at 5:30 PM. A class change occurs anytime between 6:45 and 7:30 PM. Day classes are scheduled Monday through Friday. 

Administrators, faculty, library resources, career services, and student services are accessible during both day and evening hours.

Part-time students have until the end of their second spring semester to complete the course requirements of a full-time first-year (1L) student.

Entering part-time students take two 1L courses in each of their first fall and spring semesters. In subsequent semesters, students may add more credits.

Depending upon the rotation of course offerings, entering part-time students take two of the following three courses in their first fall semester: Criminal Law (3 credits), Torts (4 credits), or Contracts (4 credits).

In their first spring semester, part-time students take two of the following three courses as scheduled: Constitutional Law (4 credits), Property (4 credits), or Civil Procedure (4 credits).


In their second fall and spring semesters, part-time students take Legal Analysis, Writing and Research 1 & 2, plus any 1L courses not taken in the first part-time year. For planning purposes, please note that Legal Analysis, Writing and Research 1 & 2 MUST be taken in consecutive semesters.

During these two semesters that part-time students may add more courses to their schedule.

By the end of their second spring semester, all part-time students will have completed the same courses required of a full-time 1L student.


In addition to the required 1L courses, students must complete the following requirements for graduation: The Law Governing Lawyers; Evidence; Trusts and Estates; an advanced legal research course; a process elective; a perspectives course; a public law course; a seminar; and a workshop. For students enrolled as of fall 2014, all requirements may be met through evening courses. In selecting electives, students have the opportunity to choose from among nineteen specialized course streams:

Advanced Legal Research
Business & Commercial Law
Criminal Law
Dispute Resolution
Environmental Law
Estate Planning
Family Law
Health Care Law
Intellectual Property & Technology Law
International Law
Labor & Employment Law
Legal Analysis, Writing, & Research
Public Interest Law
Public Law
Real Estate Law
Sports Law
Water Law

For additional academic advising, currently enrolled law students should stop in Students Services, room 238.