Remote Exam Procedure

All fall 2020 semester exams will be administered remotely, and students are encouraged to take their exams at home if the setting is conducive to doing so. Taking your exam off-campus will aid in efforts to de-densify the building and minimize physical proximity between students who are unable to do so. If you have any questions about ExamSoft or need help before or during your exam, please call the Media and Technology team at (414) 288-8000.

  • ExamSoft. All scheduled exams will be accessed and submitted through ExamSoft -- a web-based platform. All law students received their login information on October 29 via an email from Stephen Nelson. Please review the technology checklist below to make sure that you (and your computer) are prepared to use ExamSoft.

    • An in-depth guide to using ExamSoft can be found here. There is also a helpful three-minute ExamSoft video tutorial.

    • ExamSoft is not a downloaded program and does not utilize a lockdown browser

    • ExamSoft will automatically log you out for security reasons after a certain period of inactivity. To prevent any issues, please log out of ExamSoft and close your browser after downloading your exam. When you are ready to upload your exam responses, please open a new browser window and login again to ExamSoft. Be sure to leave yourself adequate time (at least 2-3 minutes) at the end of your timed exam period to save, log in, and upload before your exam is due. 

  • Tracking Time With ExamSoft. Do not rely on ExamSoft to track your time; you are responsible for tracking your own time during your exams and for planning to upload your exam before time has concluded.

    • Downloading Exam Files: For scheduled exams, you are expected to download the exam at the time specified by your professor/the exam schedule. If your exam is set to begin at, for example, 8:30 a.m., you will not be granted any extra time for an exam that you download late. Students taking exams in non-Central time zones must download the exam according to Central Time standards. For instance, if your exam begins at 8:30 a.m. Central, and you are on the West Coast, you must begin your exam at 6:30 a.m. The ExamSoft timestamps, however, will correspond only with Central Time.

    • Uploading Exam Answers: For a timed exam, you will need to plan to stop your exam 2 or 3 minutes prior to the exam’s end time to ensure a timely upload of your exam. If you try to upload your exam after the end time, you will still be able to do so, but your exam will be flagged as late to the administration. Do not contact your professor if your exam is marked as late on ExamSoft. 

    • More information about timing can be found here

  • Taking Exams in Eckstein Hall. To ensure a smooth exam experience and proper social distancing, classrooms have been assigned to each exam for students who need/wish to take their exams in Eckstein Hall. A schedule of exams and their assigned rooms can be found here. Students should not book study rooms to take exams.
  • Academic Integrity. Students are reminded that no matter the format of their exams or where they choose to take them, students are always bound by Marquette University Law School's Academic Regulations. Of particular importance to remote exams is Article 900, which sets forth the standards of conduct for students and disciplinary procedures for misconduct. Though we do not anticipate any problems, all allegations of academic misconduct will be treated seriously and investigated.
  • Technology Checklist:
    • In advance of final exams, create an easy-to-locate folder that is backed up. Name the folder something that will be easy to identify, such as “Fall 2020 Final Exams.” As a reminder, all Marquette law students have complimentary access to OneDrive to back up their files. 
    • Set your Microsoft AutoSave function so that it saves at least every minute. If you already use OneDrive to back-up your folders, AutoSave will be enabled by default to save every few seconds, so you will not need to take any action. Should anything happen to your computer mid-exam, AutoSave will ensure that you do not lose much content.
    • Make sure you are regularly shutting down your computer during exam period to ensure it performs at its peak when you need it most--during exams. When restarting our computers though, Macs and some PCs may automatically undertake download updates or new content when they are first turned on. To ensure that these downloads do not interfere with your exam schedule, we recommend that students turn on their computers well in advance of (i.e., at least one hour before) their exam time so that all updates have time to complete.
    • Do not use a tablet or iPad to take your remote exams. Students have experienced difficulty retrieving downloaded exam files using tablets.
    • Please ensure that your computer software is up-to-date in advance of your exams by following this guide for Windows 10 or this guide for Mac. In the past, students have had their computers shut down for automatic updates in the middle of an exam. Do not let this happen to you!
    • Keep your computer plugged in or have your charger available throughout your entire exam. Please do not let a dead battery be the reason you have technology problems during your exam (it has happened).