Restorative Justice & Domestic Violence Conference

11/11/2016 - 08:30
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Restorative Justice & Domestic Violence Conference
Date: Friday, November 11, 2016
Time: 8:30am
Location: Eckstein Hall
Access: Open to Public
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Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: Exploring Effective Pathways to Healing
A Tough Conversation ...

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Thursday and Friday, November 10 and 11, 2016
Eckstein Hall, Marquette Law School
1215 West Michigan Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This year's Restorative Justice Conference is designed to bring together survivors, community members, lawyers, teachers, social workers, students, and others to learn about domestic violence and pathways to healing. By looking at this issue through a restorative justice lens, this conference will raise awareness of the magnitude of domestic violence in our own community and generate ideas on how each of us can engage in helping repair the harm and address the social, cultural, and economic causes of the problem. Restorative justice is a victim-centered, dialogue-based practice that strives to repair the harm caused by crimes, and its application to domestic violence is a controversial one. The hope is that the more stories people hear of survivors, the more people will recognize abusive behavior in others. Some argue that restorative justice provides an alternative to the unilateral notions that a woman in an abusive relationship should always leave, and some argue that it will revictimize the victim. We encourage you to attend and listen—domestic violence cuts across all segments of society, and so does the ripple effect.

There is no fee for the keynote kickoff event on Thursday. The Friday conference fee is $15 per person and includes continental breakfast and lunch. Marquette University students and employees may attend at no charge but must register. If an attendance scholarship is needed, please email

Thursday, November 10

3:00 pm — Welcome
Mike Gousha, Distinguished Fellow in Law and Public Policy

3:05 pm — Restorative Justice 101
Honorable Janine Geske (ret.), Marquette Law School

3:30 pm — Preview of Friday Keynote Presentations
sujatha baliga, Vice President and Director, Restorative Justice Project, Impact Justice
Carrie Outhier Banks, Executive Director and Founder, Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue

Moderated by Mike Gousha

4:30 pm — Milwaukee Perspective Panel Discussion: What Does Domestic Violence Look Like? What Are the Different Viewpoints?
Carmen Pitre
, Executive Director, Sojourner Family Peace Center
Patti Seger, Executive Director, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin
Terri Strodthoff, Founder and President, Alma Center (works to break cycle of domestic violence by changing abusive men)

Moderated by Mike Gousha

5:30 pm — Adjourn

Friday, November 11

8:30 am — Registration and coffee

9:00 am — Welcome
Mike Gousha

9:05 am — Restorative Justice 101
Honorable Janine Geske (ret.)

9:15 am — Keynote Presentation: Why Domestic Violence Surrogate Dialogues Are Needed
Carrie Outhier Banks

10:15 am — Break

10:30 am — Keynote Presentation: Centering the Wisdom, Needs, and Safety of Survivors Through Restorative Justice
sujatha baliga

11:20 am — Thoughts on Ending Men's Use of Violence and Abuse — Can the Cycle Be Broken?
Jason Bennett, Alma Center Graduate and Advocate of Men Ending Violence
Floyd Rowell, Wisdom Walk Facilitator/Urban Healer

Moderated by Janine Geske

12:10 to 12:40 pm — Complimentary boxed lunch

12:40 pm — What Can the Justice System Do Differently to Help Victims?
John Chisholm, Milwaukee County District Attorney
Thomas Reed, Milwaukee Criminal Trial Office of State Public Defender's Office

Moderated by Janine Geske

1:30 pm — Break

1:45 pm — Reflection Panel
sujatha baliga, Carrie Outhier Banks, Carmen Pitre, Patti Seger, and Terri Strodthoff

Moderated by Janine Geske

2:45 pm — Adjourn

sujatha baliga
Vice President and Director of Restorative Justice Project at
Impact Justice,
Oakland, California

sujatha baliga is vice president and director, Restorative Justice Project, at Impact Justice. Her primary area of expertise is in helping juvenile justice systems replace their reliance on incarceration and other forms of punishment with restorative justice principles and practices. She is committed to reducing racial and ethnic disparities within juvenile justice systems, and to exploring the use of restorative processes to prevent, address, and heal child sexual abuse and intrafamilial and intimate partner violence.

Carrie Outhier Banks, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Domestic Violence
Safe Dialogue,
Portland, Oregon

Carrie Outhier Banks founded Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue (DVSD) after more than 15 years of experience volunteering and working with women and children in domestic violence shelters. The mission of her work is to stop the cycle of domestic violence by facilitating safe, supervised conversations among survivors and offenders from unconnected cases, which help both parties foster transformative change inside themselves and others.


Lisa Attonito
Sue & Louie Andrew
Sue Barranco
Jasmyne Baynard
Bob Boehler
Kathy Coffey-Guenther
Sarah DeGroot
Carol Dufek
Joelle Espinosa
Jane Foley
Alyssa Gemein
Janine Geske
Cindy & Stan Jaskolski
Mary Johnstone
Gloria Katt
Judy Keyes
Mary Lacy
Mary Jo Layden
Rachel Monaco-Wilcox
Caitlin Noonan
Aimee Obregon
Erin Perkins
Carmen Pitre
Andrea Schneider
Patti Seger
Alice & Jim Stollenwerk
Terri Strodthoff
Hon. Mary Triggiano
Corinthia Van Orsdol
Christine Wilczynski-Vogel
James Wold
Carianne Yerkes


If you have any questions, special dietary needs, or concerns about the conference cost, contact Christine Wilczynski-Vogel, Associate Dean for External Relations, Events, and Facilities, at


Eckstein Hall
1215 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, WI 53233