Michael McChrystal

Emeritus Professor of Law
(414) 288-5364
Areas of Law:

Areas of Law::

Professional Memberships: 
American Bar Association, State Bar of Wisconsin
Other Courses Taught: 
Agency & Partnership, Business Torts, Jurisprudence, Legal Ethics, Privacy


Professor McChrystal has taught and written in the fields of legal ethics, torts, and privacy law. His background in law revision work includes service as Chairperson of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Board of Attorneys Professional Competence, Reporter for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Code of Professional Responsibility Review Committee, Reporter for the State Bar Task Force on Tort Reform, and Chair of the Committee on Bar Admission and Lawyer Performance of the Association of American Law Schools. In addition, he was Reporter for the Wisconsin Supreme Court committee whose recommendations provide the basis for the substantial changes in the Wisconsin legal ethics rules that have been in effect since 2007. He has presented papers at many academic conferences and at meetings of the American Bar Association, American Corporate Counsel Association, Association of American Law Schools, Corporate Practice Institute, Law School Admission Council, National Conference of Bar Examiners, and many other organizations. Professor McChrystal's work has been published by the Marquette Law Review, the William and Mary Law Review, the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, the Oregon Law Review, the Bar Examiner, the Notre Dame Law Review, and numerous other scholarly journals. He continues to work on budget, communications, and strategic planning matters at the Law School.

Recent Publications and Presentations