Linda Haynes

Acquisitions Order Specialist
(414) 288-5354


 Linda Haynes serves the Marquette Law School community as Acquisitions/Serial Supervisor for the Law Library. Since the mid-1990’s she has been responsible for the ordering of Law Library materials, binding of periodicals, payment of invoices, and communicating with vendors if ordered materials don’t arrive on time.

Linda, a native of Milwaukee, has been affiliated with Marquette since 1980 when she first started working in Technical Services on campus in Memorial Library as an Library clerk, now known as Raynor Memorial Libraries. She joined the Law School in 1994. Over the years she has seen many changes in library services and how much technology has done to improve those services. Cumbersome card catalogs have been replaced by speedy and efficient online search resources. Laptops are standard equipment for most current law students, some of whom have never even seen a typewriter, much less used one.

What hasn’t changed for Linda over the past nearly three decades is her appreciation for her colleagues. What’s the best part of her job? She’ll answer right away, “The people I work with.”