Beverly Franklin

Welcome Desk
(414) 288-7094


Bev Franklin joined the University Community in 1979 and Law School community in 1985 after working for five years in various Marquette University offices devoted to serving students. She is now the face of the Law School and devotes her time to assisting the University Community, the Law School Community and the Public Community in greeting them and making them welcome to the Law School and Law Library at the Welcome Desk.  Beverly worked with nine full-time law professor in the Law School for more than 29 years of her 33 years at marquette and as much as she enjoys working with professors, Bev will tell anyone who asks that her greatest job satisfaction comes from working with students. It is not unusual for alumni to stop and say hello to her when they are back in town for a visit. Bev's interests outside of work center around art (she has an associate's degree in interior design as well as one in computer management), jazz, and film. Those interests are evident in the posters and beautiful artifacts that she displayed around her work station in the Sensenbrenner Hall. A true Milwaukee native, Bev enjoys Friday night fish fries and the occasional trip to Potawatami Bingo. When you come to visit Marquette University Law School, be sure to stop at the Welcome Desk and meet Ms. Franklin.