Katherine Halopka-Ivery

Adjunct Associate Professor of Law
Areas of Law:

Areas of Law::

Current Courses:
Trial Skills Competition


Attorney Katherine Halopka-Ivery is an experienced trial attorney currently working as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.  Her work encompasses a wide range of criminal offenses including firearms and drug trafficking, human trafficking and violent crimes.  AUSA Halopka-Ivery is an adjunct professor at Marquette University Law School, teaching trial skills competition.  AUSA Halopka-Ivery has presented nationally on Human Trafficking.  She has also presented to international criminal justice groups including the Mexican Delegation and Law Enforcement and Prosecutors from Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore.  AUSA Halopka-Ivery has also instructed local law enforcement agencies on the intricacies of trial practice and best practices for testifying. In 2018, she was selected by the Wisconsin Law Journal as an “Up and Coming Lawyer.”