Chad Oldfather - Recent Publications and Presentations


Judging, Expertise, and the Rule of LawWASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, (forthcoming). 

Till Death Do Us Part: Chief Justices and the United States Supreme CourtMARQUETTE LAW REVIEW (forthcoming) (with Todd C. Peppers). 

Error Correction, 85 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 49, (2010). 

Oral History and the Study of the Judiciary, 78 GEORGE WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 846, (2010). 

Comparative Procedure on a Sunday Afternoon: Instant Replay in the NFL as a Process of Appellate Review, 43 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 45, (2009) (with Matthew M. Fernholz). 

Criminal Appeals: Past, Present, and Future, 93 MARQUETTE LAW REVIEW 339, (2009) (with Michael M. O'Hear). 

Universal De Novo Review, 77 GEORGE WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 308, (2008). 

Writing, Cognition, and the Nature of the Judicial Function, 96 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL1283, (2008). 

Judges as Humans: Interdisciplinary Research and the Problems of Institutional Design, 36HOFSTRA LAW REVIEW 125, 

Heuristics, Biases, and Criminal Defendants, 91 MARQUETTE LAW REVIEW 249, (2007). 

Remedying Judicial Inactivism: Opinions as Informational Regulation, 58 FLORIDA LAW REVIEW 743, (2006). 

Defining Judicial Inactivism: Models of Adjudication and the Duty to Decide, 94 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL 121, (2005). 

Appellate Courts, Historical Facts, and the Civil-Criminal Distinction, 57 VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW 437, (2004). 




Course Materials: Judging and the Judicial Process,