Mike Gousha: On the Issues Events

Mike Gousha serves as a Distinguished Fellow in Law and Public Policy at Marquette University Law School. An award-winning journalist, Gousha explores important public policy issues, acting in the role of interviewer, moderator and facilitator. He is the host of the Law School's "On the Issues" conversation series, and has been the solo moderator of numerous political debates, including the final debate of Wisconsin's historic 2012 recall election for Governor.

Current Schedule

Marquette Law School June Poll
Wednesday, June 24

Recent Events

David Crowley, Milwaukee County Executive
Wednesday, June 10

Dr. Jeanette Kowalik, City of Milwaukee Commissioner of Health
Wednesday, May 20

Marquette Law School May Poll
Tuesday, May 12

Marquette Law School April Poll
Wednesday, April 1 - 12:15pm

Marquette Law School February Poll
Thursday, February 27 - 12:15pm

Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive
Friday, January 24

Marquette Law School January Poll
Wednesday, January 15 - 12:15pm

Marquette Law School November Poll
Wednesday, November 20 - 12:15pm

Creating a Healthy Innovation Economy
Tuesday, November 12 - 4:30pm

The Suburbs: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Monday, October 28 - 4:30pm

Marquette Law School October Poll
Wednesday, October 23 - 12:15pm

Carl Hulse—chief Washington correspondent, The New York Times, author of Confirmation Bias: Inside Washington’s War Over the Supreme Court, from Scalia’s Death to Justice Kavanaugh
Tuesday, October 22 - 12:15pm

Rick Graber, President and CEO, The Bradley Foundation
Thursday, October 17 - 12:15pm

Kelli Thompson, Wisconsin State Public Defender
Tuesday, October 15 - 12:15pm

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee
October 1 - 12:15 p.m.