Study Areas & Group Study

The Marquette Law Library offers several options for study:

Wylie and Bette Aitken Reading Room

The Aitken Reading Room is located on the third floor, Room 324. It offers larger tables for quiet study.

General Quiet Study

There are a variety of tables and soft seating on the 1st through 4th floors of the library for quiet study. Most locations offer power nearby for laptop use. Unattended tables are cleared of library materials periodically throughout the day.

Group Study Rooms

Nine study rooms (140, 151, 242, 332, 344, 346A, 346B, 406, and 446) are available to students working in groups of two or more. Please visit the circulation desk to reserve a time slot.

Study rooms are equipped with wireless Internet access, tables, chairs, LCD for laptop hookup, cable television, and a whiteboard.