Online CLE: Launching a Startup

07/14/2020 - 12:15
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Online CLE: Launching a Startup
Category: Marquette Lawyers
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Time: 12:15pm
Location: Online
Access: Online
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Thank you for your interest in this program ... registration is now closed.  We hope you will attend a future program. 


Legal Essentials for Launching a Startup During a Pandemic
by Professor Nathan Hammons, Director of the Marquette Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

July 14, 2020
Noon to 1 p.m.
Online Program


Complimentary program; however registration is required.

Startups face challenges when launching during “normal” times, even more so during a pandemic. In this presentation, Professor Hammons will discuss best practices for launching a new business venture in the current turbulent times. Topics will include (1) business entity selection and formation; (2) hiring and managing workers; (3) developing and protecting intellectual property; (4) financing considerations; and (5) legal tools to mitigate risk.

IMPORTANT:  Attendance verification for CLEto confirm your attendance you must enter all parts of the attendance code announced during the presentation in the Online Attendance Form immediately following the presentation. Please write the codes down so you can enter on the link: Online Attendance Form.  Submissions later than 30 minutes after the presentation concludes will not be accepted for CLE.


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