MVLC Brown Bag FAQs

How do I attend?
You may attend in person at Marquette Law School or online.
Is free parking available for attendees coming from off-campus?
Yes. You must pre-resister at least 24 hours in advance for parking to be available. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis in the Eckstein Hall Underground Parking Structure. There are two entrances: (1) 11th Street, between Wisconsin and Clybourn and (2) Clybourn Street - turn west (right) from 11th and enter the first driveway, which looks like a loading dock.
If I cannot attend on the date of the presentation, will it be available for viewing?
The presentation will be archived on the website. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit cannot be given to those who attend after the end of the live presentation.
Do I need to pre-register?
Yes, this is required so that we can communicate important event details to you and contact any online participants in the case of technical difficulties during the presentation. A registration link is available on the Brown Bag main page. Attendees who register less than 24 hours before the presentation may not receive a confirmation email.
If I attend online, how do I get CLE or pro bono credit?

As the sponsor of this CLE, it is our responsibility per SCR 31.08(2) to promptly transmit to the board of bar examiners a list of all lawyers in attendance. Approved hours merely reflect a maximum that may be earned through attendance. Only actual attendance by the lawyer may be used to satisfy the Wisconsin requirement. (Appendix to Chapter 31, CLE 7.03) Credit will not be allowed for any program which in its entirety lasts less than 50 minutes. (Appendix to Chapter 31, CLE 7.04) As such, any lawyer who submits the attendance form but has not actually attended the entire 50-minute presentation will not be included on the list of attendees submitted to the board of bar examiners.In order to confirm your attendance, you must enter all parts of the attendance code announced during the presentation in the online attendance form within 30 minutes of the presentation.  You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.  Law students are responsible for recording their time in their pro bono account.

When will the CLE appear on the Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) CLE Reporting Website? 
The CLE will not appear immediately. If fact, it can take several months. The Law School has authority from the Board of Bar Examiners to approve CLE programs (except those involving ethics). Just because the Law School has approved the CLE does not mean the BBE knows about it. The Law School submits quarterly notices to the BBE for all CLE programs held at the Law School. Once the notices are received by BBE, the course will appear on their website. This takes time. Attendees may self-report their attendance using the General Program Approval (GPA) form within the BBE's CLE reporting site. CLE reporting questions should be directed to
How do I view handouts if I attend online?
Go to the Brown Bag main page and you access them before the presentation begins.
How do I ask a question if I attend online?
You may ask questions during the presentation by clicking on the speech bubble icon. Please enter your email address so a response can be sent if needed.
What should I do if I have technical difficulties during the webcast? 
Try refreshing your screen or closing your browser window and re-opening it, as this resolves many issues. If you continue to experience problems during the presentation, email during the presentation. If you believe you missed a code due to a technical difficulty, email