Volunteer Spotlights

Attorney Spotlight: Mike Burton

What is your current position?
I am Of Counsel to the Law Office of Shepard A. Davis.  Shep and I were partners for 25 years and I help him out there now.  I do work for a few (paying) clients but primarily do pro bono work now.

Where did you go to undergrad? What was your major?
I went to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and majored in History with a minor in English

Where did you go to law school?
University of Texas (Austin).  Great place.

What do you like about your practice?
Flexibility and the satisfaction of the pro bono work.

What activities were you involved in law school?
Studying, intramurals and socializing.

What was your favorite class in law school?
Oil and Gas, which is virtually mandatory at Texas.  It has had almost no relevance for me but was taught by a great guy name Ernie Smith who literally wrote the book on oil and gas law.

How did you start volunteering for MVLC?
I was cutting back on "real" work about five years ago, and explored pro bono options.  I was impressed by Marquette's pro bono programs and started with MVLC and then M-LINC.  I also do some work for WWBIC (Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation) and the occasional project for Legal Action of Wisconsin.

What advice would you give to the current law school students?
Avail yourself of all "real world" law opportunities, including pro bono, internships, summer gigs, etc.  If you are in law school but don't do these things, it is very hard to know what practicing law is really like.  Hopefully it confirms the student's desire to do so but if not, you can pursue other avenues in which your law degree will help.

What do you like to do in spare time? 
Spending time with family, Book Club (a group of buddies who get together for a beer or two but never discuss books), spending time in Door County (where we have a family place), hiking, and golf.

Student Advisory Board Member Spotlight:  Nick Pokey

Nick is a third-year law student at Marquette University Law School, graduating in December 2020.  He graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in Criminal Justice in 2010 and worked for years as a paralegal before starting law school as a part-time student with an interest in environmental law.  This year, Nick completed internships with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin.  In his spare time, he enjoys running, video games, and trying to make his wife and stepson laugh at his terrible dad jokes.

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