Ordering NSLI Publications and Memberships

This page contains links to various NSLI publications along with information on how to order NSLI publications and memberships. 

Marquette Sports Law Review (Formerly the Marquette Sports Law Journal)

A national bi-annual scholarly review addressing issues in sports law. The current issue of the Review is available for $25.00 an issue. Otherwise annual subscriptions to the Review are available for $50.00 ($60.00 for international orders). The Review is also part of all National Sports Law Institute membership categories. Single copies of articles in the Review are not for sale apart from the issue in which they were published. Back issues of the Marquette Sports Law Review are available only from the William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209-1987, (800) 828-7571, William S. Hein Co. Website.

For the Record
Annual newsletter providing annual reports describing NSLI activities.  For the Record is no longer available for purchase.  Archives of past issues can be found online here.

Sports Facility Reports "SFR"

The Sports Facility Reports "SFR" online newsletter was created in 2000 to provide interested individuals within the sports industry with information about teams, sports facilities, the development of new facilities, revenue streams, lease agreements, and other reference information related to sports facility. Although each issue contains different feature articles and reports, since its creation SFR has included FACILITY UPDATE CHARTS providing specific information related to facilities in various sports leagues. 

  • From 2000 until 2005 these reports focused on the 4 major U.S. sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL). 
  • In 2005, charts devoted to professional soccer and minor league facilities for all sports were added. 
  • In 2006, a chart devoted to motorsports was added.
  • In 2010, a chart devoted to green sports facility issues was added.
  • In 2011, a chart devoted to major college football and bowl games was added (in production).

For information on articles published in Sports Facility Reports please check the article index.

Annual Survey: Recent Developments in Sports Law

Each year, the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School reproduces an Annual Survey of Recent Developments in Sports Law.  This survey provides an overview of important cases and arbitration decisions that have been resolved in the past year.  The survey is initially published in the spring issue of the Marquette Sports Law Review, and is then included on this website.  The website contains links to past versions of the Annual Survey (published first in 2003), along with links to issues of the now discontinued publication You Make the Call. . . a semi-annual newsletter published from 1998 until 2011.  The newsletter analyzed the most recent cases in the sports law field.  Individuals may sign up to receive the Annual Survey of Sports Law by sending an email to the NSLI, subject line "Subscribing to Annual Survey."

Ordering Information

Subscribers to NSLI publications become members of the National Sports Law Institute.  For a $50.00 ($60.00 international cost) all members of the Institute receive two (2) issues of the Marquette Sports Law Review.  In addition, individuals who are members (non-library subscribers) receive the option of subscribing electronically to Sports Facility Reports, For the Record, and the Annual Survey of Sports Law.

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