Eckstein Hall Parking Reminders

Eckstein Hall parking structure policy serves two purposes: (a) when the Law School reopens to the general public, to accommodate members of the public participating in Law School activities, with spaces allotted on a daily basis according to the number and type of Law School events; and (b) for parking available on a first-come, first-serve basis to Law School students and employees who have paid for University parking. Violation of policies can result in a fine or loss of parking privileges for an entire year. 

All law school community members are held accountable to the Eckstein Hall parking policy, regardless if they have purchased a parking permit or not.  

There are two parking levels in Eckstein Hall – 11th Street (P2 level) and Clybourn Street (P1 level). These levels are not connected; there are two different entrances – one off 11th Street and one off Clybourn Street. Both levels have large blue signs, located street level, that indicate the number of parking spaces available. Please note that the parking signs take about 30 seconds to update when parkers enter and leave. If you pull up to the sign and there are only a few spaces left, when you pull in if you are not able to enter (either using your parking credentials or pulling a ticket if you are a visitor), then likely all spaces have been taken. Please back out of the level and try pulling around to the other parking level or park in your assigned lot. 

If you are not able to enter either parking level for any reason (e.g., your credentials are not allowing entry or there are no permit spots available) do not sit idling outside of the level, blocking the entrance/exit lane. Please proceed to park in your assigned lot. 

If you choose to pull a ticket to enter either of the Eckstein Hall parking levels, you will need to make the $30 ($3 on weekends) payment when exiting. If you are not able to make the payment for any reason (e.g. the machine will not accept your credit card or for some reason you are able to exit without making payment), please contact Ben Manske to make payment arrangements. Once a ticket is pulled, you have seven minutes to exit the parking level (by inserting the pulled ticket in the exit machine) without needing to make payment. Failure to exit within seven minutes will result in needing to pay to exit. 

Permit parkers: if your parking credentials are not working (either your hangtag or your MUID card) to let you in on either parking level, you should back up and go to your assigned lot. If unable to back up due to other cars in line, safely exit your vehicle and ask the other parkers to back up. If that is not possible, use the intercom for assistance. Do not pull a ticket unless you intend to pay for visitor parking. Once you are parked in your assigned lot, you can contact Parking Services or Ben Manske to report that your credentials are not working.  

Non-permit parkers: all law school community members can access the Eckstein Hall parking levels on Saturdays and Sundays. To gain access, please use your MUID card to scan into and out of the parking level. Do not pull a visitor ticket. If you choose to pull a visitor ticket, you will need to make payment when exiting.  

Ways to Avoid a Parking Ticket and Lose Eckstein Hall Parking Privileges  

  • Do not park in Lot J or the Clybourn Street loading dock 

  • As a reminder, parking in Lot J (behind the Church of Gesu) or the Clybourn Street loading dock is not permitted at any time. Students found parking in Lot J or the loading dock will be ticketed and considered in violation of the parking policy and its penalties.  

  • Park in marked parking spaces only 

  • Parking is limited in Eckstein Hall. When parking, please ensure you are between the parking space lines and not doubled parked or too close to the space next to you. If there are no marked spaces available, do not create your own space or park in loading zones – please exit the lot and park in your assigned lot. 

  • Properly displaying your parking permit sticker on your vehicle 

  • If you have not done so already, please pick up your permit from Parking Services and have your parking sticker properly displayed on the passenger side back bumper (or window) of your vehicle. Failure to properly display your parking permit sticker on your vehicle will result in a parking ticket. Your hang tag does not serve as a parking permit – its purpose is solely to gain access to the parking structures. 

  • Parking Services is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is in the Alumni Memorial Union, Union Station (suite 158).  

  • Do not park overnight 

  • If you experience mechanical issues with your vehicle or another unforeseen emergency issue that requires you to leave your vehicle overnight, visit the welcome desk (located in the lobby) or contact the manager of building operations to request approval to park overnight.  

  • Familiarize yourself with the parking policies, rules, and regulations 

  • Click here to review the Eckstein Hall parking policy. 

  • Click here to review Marquette University’s parking rules and regulations. 

Contact: Ben Manske