Summer and Post-Graduation Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw Access

Continuing students: You will have automatic, unrestricted access to your Bloomberg Law and Lexis accounts this summer. There is no need to register and you do not have to limit use to academic purposes during the summer months. (You must limit use of your Lexis account to academic purposes during the regular academic school year.) You will also have access to your Westlaw account this summer, including Practical Law, but must continue to limit use to non-commercial purposes. This excludes situations in which you are billing a client. Permitted uses include summer coursework, research assistant assignments, law review or journal work, moot court research, non-profit work, clinical work, and internships/externships sponsored by the school.

Graduating students: Your unrestricted Bloomberg Law access continues for six months after you graduate and your Lexis access continues through December. To learn more about Lexis for graduates, including extended access through the ASPIRE program for graduates engaged in qualifying nonprofit work, visit Your post-graduation access to Westlaw continues for 18 months, but you must enroll in the Grade Elite program to take advantage of this extended access. If you haven’t already enrolled, click here to take that important step. Like post-graduation BLaw and Lexis access, your Grad Elite account is not restricted to academic or other non-commercial purposes after graduation. Expect to receive an email from Professor Olson with additional information about this extended Westlaw access after graduation. Your access to these databases is tied to the graduation date in your account profiles for each system.

All: Your employer or organization with which you are volunteering or interning might require or prefer that you use firm/organization accounts rather than database access through your school account. Please be sure to understand and comply with relevant practices and policies. Importantly, you must not share your Marquette-affiliated account credentials or access with anyone, including classmates or colleagues at work who have their own accounts.

Please contact us at the Reference Desk if you have questions about these or other resources or if you have other questions or research needs this summer and beyond.

Contact: Elana Olson

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