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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mike Gousha, distinguished fellow in law and public policy, and Prof. John D. Johnson, researcher at Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education in the Law School, co-wrote a piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about a large number of Milwaukee homes that are no longer owned by city residents in a massive transfer of wealth since the Great Recession. “Simply put: Thousands of residential properties in Milwaukee are no longer owned by city residents. They’re owned, instead, by individuals and companies with mailing addresses in the suburbs, other parts of Wisconsin, or out-of-state altogether,” they wrote.

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 30, 2020

Similar story aired on WUWM-FM (89.7), Feb. 4, 2020

Business Insider

Dr. Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette Law School Poll, discussed how an increasing percentage of Americans approve of President Trump's economic policies, despite critics highlighting policies that have worsened economic inequality. Rising markets, Franklin said, ease concerns about an economic downturn. "This has helped boost approval of Trump's handling of the economy and makes the economy a strength rather than a weakness in 2020," he said.

Story appeared in Business Insider, Jan. 27, 2020

Franklin also spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a Jan. 27 story about Vice President Mike Pence’s recent visit to the Wisconsin State Capitol. 

Associated Press

The Marquette University Law School Poll was cited for its latest results showing just over 60 percent of Wisconsin voters believe Iran and the United States will avoid a major conflict following recent military action, whereas 30 percent believe a major military conflict is likely and 8 percent say they do not know.

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NBC News, Newsweek

The Marquette University Law School Poll was cited in national stories about various primary election issues. Results mentioned included voting percentages of hypothetical matchups between President Trump and democrat frontrunners, and how support for impeachment went down among Wisconsin voters following public testimony. 

Stories appeared on NBC News and Newsweek, Jan. 14, 2020 

Faculty & Staff
The Jerusalem Post


Prof. Andrea Schneider, professor of law, commented on how the American Historical Association defeated two anti-Israel resolutions nominated by Historians for Peace and Democracy. “Accuracy and truth telling are vital components of academia,” Schneider said. "Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to history, so it was heartening to see AHA members stand up against this deceptive campaign."

Story appeared on The Jerusalem Post, Jan. 7, 2020


Dr. Charles Franklin, director of Marquette Law School Poll, discussed how Social Security and Medicare are programs that motivate older Americans to vote and how that translates into policy. He said the advantage and clout that older Americans have, because of their high propensity to vote, “carries over in the reluctance of Congress to touch either of those two programs.” 

Story appeared on AARP, Jan. 6, 2020