Winter 2016 International Conflict Resolution Trip to Cuba: Insights into Economic, Political and Social Issues During the Thaw

January 9 – 16, 2016

Professors Andrea Schneider, Ryan Scoville, and Natalie Fleury will be traveling with 25 Marquette Law School students on an International Conflict Resolution winter break trip to Cuba.   The trip will focus on economic, religious, social and political issues during this interesting time as Cuba and the US begin renewing diplomatic relations.  The trip will include meetings with journalists, leaders of the Catholic church, urban planners, economics experts, a former Cuban diplomat, lawyers and university students.    Participants will also experience traditional Cuban cuisine, tour Havana and learn about the Cuban baseball program.  The full itinerary can be found in the lower left corner of this page. 

Highlights include:

  • Discussion with journalist Marc Frank, author of Cuba Revelations and the longest serving correspondent in Cuba. Frank writes for Reuters, the Financial Times, and the Economist, and is an authority on the Cuban economy.
  • Meeting at the Archdiocese of Havana for a conversation with Orlando Marquez, church spokesman, to discuss the changing role of the Catholic Church in Cuban society, economic reform, and current events.
  • Meeting with the director of Cuba Emprende, an entrepreneur training program run by the Catholic Church and the Cuba Study Group.
  • Discussion with economist Yaima Doimeadios, vice-director of the University of Havana's economics department about the private sector and microfinance.
  • Discussion with Carlos Alzugaray, former Cuban Diplomat and expert on US - Cuban relations.
  • Visit to the Law Faculty at the University of Havana for a discussion about legal issues pertaining to the embargo and economic reform.