Classroom Recording Cart Troubleshooting

Why am I hearing feedback or other grating noise?

Make sure laptop speakers are muted. As soon as you start your meeting on the room laptop, you will also want your laptop video off, and laptop microphone muted. 

Students at home can’t hear me or can't see me?

Make sure AV didn't accidentally get muted. Move the mouse cursor on the cart to bring up the toolbar, click on the microphone or camera if it is crossed out. The cart can be muted like any other member of the Meeting. It is possible for others to mute the cart whether by accident or on purpose.

Why can’t I see a “Join” button on the cart?

Your calendar item title is too long and has pushed the "Join" button off the screen. Click into your calendar item through your Teams calendar and adjust your title to less than 20 characters.

Why can’t students at home see my PowerPoint?

Make sure you are sharing your PowerPoint through Teams on your laptop or desktop.

Why can’t students in the room see my screen?

Make sure the Crestron Panel on the podium is turned on, and you have chosed to project your laptop or the in room desktop. If you are using your laptop, make sure you have correctly plugged it in using the provided adapters and HDMI cable on the podium.