While the Marquette Law School Poll conducted live telephone interviews with 801 registered voters November 13-17, we also conducted a supplemental study online with 200 Wisconsin residents asking them to express in their own words what they think (1) is the greatest problem facing the United States, (2) the best thing(s) about the country, and (3) the worst thing(s) about the U.S.

The responses to these questions along with some demographic categories can be viewed below. The table can be filtered and sorted by any column. The responses have not been edited for typographical or other errors. Rather than make such changes, we simply present what respondents entered as their responses. Our policy is only to remove profanities, slurs, and personally identifiable information.

This online survey is selected from a panel of people who have agreed to respond to online polls and is selected to be demographically similar to the Wisconsin adult population. It is not intended to estimate the balance of partisanship in the state. Our goal with this supplement is to capture the flavor of how people feel about political issues “in their own words.”