Labor & Employment Law

Relevant workshop (skills) courses, clinical courses, & internship placements

LAW 590 and 591
Unemployment Compensation Advocacy Clinic 1 and 2

This clinic is operated in cooperation with Legal Action of Wisconsin. The live-client legal clinic provides law-based training for law students and representaon of unemployment compensation claimants. Students will receive classroom training for one hour, fifteen minutes per week and additional instruction outside of the classroom. Students will observe and critique at least three unemployment insurance hearings and represent claimants in at least two hearings. Students, under the supervision of an attorney, will engage in client interviews, case development, witness preparation, and representation at the administrative hearings. The second semester component will build in the skills learned in Unemployment Compensation Advocacy Clinic 1.

LAW 550
Public Sector Labor Law
Using primarily Wisconsin law and examples, this course seeks to provide a comprehensive grounding in the legal framework and policy aspects of public sector labor relations and learn-by-doing instruction in the skills and techniques of collective bargaining, mediation, arbitration, and related legal writing. Topics also to be covered include effective client relations, ethical considerations, and open meeting/public record issues.

LAW 589
Mediation Clinic

A live-client, on-campus legal clinic providing law-based training for law students, education about the law for the Milwaukee Community, and legal service to low income residents of Milwaukee.

LAW 553
Workshop in Trial Advocacy

This workshop introduces students to the fundamental skills required of trial lawyers, including formulation of a case theory, jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination, and closing argument. Students will engage in simulated practice exercises and the course concludes with a mock trial.

LAW 556
Workshop in Contract Drafting

This workshop introduces students to the fundamental skills common to drafting and negotiating contracts.

LAW 559
Workshop in Civil Litigation

This variable content workshop addresses issues and skills that are fundamental to civil litigation, including pleading, discovery, evidence and civil motion practice.

LAW 563
Workshop in Pretrial Practice

A professional skills workshop focusing on pretrial practice in civil cases, including client interviewing and counseling, pleading, informal discovery, formal discovery (including depositions, interrogatories, and requests for admissions and for production of documents), and pretrial motion practice.

LAW 594
Supervised Fieldwork

This program provides students with the opportunity to intern with a variety of governmental and public service agencies under the supervision of a faculty member and under the guidance of agency lawyers. Agencies with recent labor and employment law placements: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; the National Labor Relations Board; the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.