Labor & Employment Law: MSHR/JD

Today more than ever, companies worldwide are struggling to attract and retain the talent necessary to achieve organizational goals and to ensure compliance with the complex employment regulatory environment. In order to address these needs, the MSHR/JD program was designed with input from our HR Advisory Board, the Law School, and MSHR alumni. These groups helped to identify the knowledge and skills that are critical to support the corporate human resources function.

Work experience and academics work together to provide a strategically oriented, practical learning environment. Many MSHR and Law students are employed full-time and attend school part-time. Thus, the MSHR/JD program is available on a full-time or part-time basis.

The MSHR/JD program provides a valuable configuration of skills on both the management side and the legal side of human resources. This offers tremendous versatility in career options. The combined MSHR/ JD provides an excellent background for law students seeking to work in human resources for either public or private sector employers. Examples of typical job opportunities include in-house legal counsel, legal consultant for HR staffing companies and temporary employment firms, and traditional HR positions in highly regulated industries.

The law degree addresses the ever-increasing need for compliance and a broad understanding of legal issues in human resources and business in general.

Core Coursework

The program is centered on core Human Resources (HR) coursework which addresses key areas of HR knowledge. Special emphasis is placed on the measurement of human resource outcomes and contributions to organization goals plus the design side of human resource systems that facilitate
successful implementation of business strategy. The core also includes social responsibility and ethical issues, employment law, strategic compensation, strategic staffing, talent management and management of organizational change.

The HURE program will accept 9 credits from law studies (see choices below) toward the MSHR degree.

The Law School will accept 9 credits from Human Resources (HURE) toward JD requirements. See Law School for details. MSHR credits vary from 30-32 credits.

Foundation Courses (2 credits)

  • ECON 6000* - Economic Foundations - 2 credits

    *Waived if student has undergrad microeconomics course with C or better in the last 10 years.

Law Courses (9 credits)

  • LAW 7185 - Employment Law - 3 credits
  • LAW 7183 - Employee Benefits - 3 credits
  • LAW 7184 - Employment Discrimination - 3 credits
  • LAW 7260 - Labor Law - 3 credits

Required Core (12 credits)*

  • HURE 6500* - Human Resources Statistics & Research Design - 3 credits
  • HURE 6170** - Ethical Issues, Regulatory Environment & HR Management - 3 credits
  • HURE 6530 - Staffing Work Organizations - 3 credits
  • HURE 6590 - Strategic Human Resource Management - 3 credits

    *If 6 or more undergraduate credits in statistics are completed, a waiver exam is available. If waiver exam is passed, student will replace HURE 6500 with advisor approved HURE course beyond requirements.

    **May be waived if successful completion of undergraduate Human Resource Management course. If waived, must replace with advisor approved graduate HURE course beyond requirements.
    February 2014

Human Resources Required Core (9 credits)

  • HURE 6510 - Strategic Compensation - 3 credits
  • HURE 6580 - Training and Development - 3 credits
  • MANA 6100 - Organizational Behavior - 3 credits

For more information, contact: Dr. Gary Adams Faculty Director