2017 Anne Wall Brand Protection Student Writing Competition and Award

2016 Winner Andrew Rissler, Anne Wall, and Professor Paul Anderson

GOALS: 1) To raise awareness about the importance of brand protection in the sports and entertainment industries; 2) To contribute to the development of a knowledge base about the legal and business aspects of brand protection by encouraging Marquette law student scholarship about this topic; and 3) To help Marquette University Law School and the National Sports Law Institute maintain their status as leading providers of sports law education by encouraging the academic study of legal and business issues in connection with the protection of sports-related intellectual property rights.

REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible for this Award, authors must be second or third-year JD or joint JD/MBA students at Marquette University and write an article that meets all guidelines for submission to the Marquette Sports Law Review. The article must be about "sports brand protection, " meaning the protection of trade names, trademarks, service marks, copyrighted works owned or licensed by sports organizations and rights holders or individuals against misuse and unlawful use, or protection of the exclusive rights of their official marketing partners (e.g., contractual relationships with broadcast rights holders and other media partners, corporate sponsors, licensees and suppliers) against ambush marketing. Intellectual property rights issues chosen as topics for this paper should focus on sports properties that are national or international in scope and should be relevant, timely and newsworthy. The article must address both business issues (e.g., sports marketing, prevention, deterrence, and enforcement measures) and legal issues relating to brand protection (e.g., copyright, trademark, and /or right of publicity, contract law, international trade accords and agreements, etc.). Articles should be approximately 20 double-spaced pages in length with 100-125 footnotes (although they may be longer) and contain focused, cutting-edge research and substantive, thought-provoking commentary.

JUDGING AND CRITERIA, SELECTION:  To enter the 2017 Competition, visit the online application webform  and submit your article, by Friday, March 31, 2017, for review and evaluation by a panel of judges comprised of academics and industry professionals (including Anne Wall).  The body of the email should confirm that the author has complied with all of the guidelines for authors for the Marquette Sports Law Review.

Papers will be judged on merit using a 1-5 scale (with one representing the lowest and 5 representing the highest score). The recipient of the Anne Wall Brand Protection Award (a certificate and a $1,000 cash prize) will be the student whose article earns the highest total score, which will be announced at the 2016 Annual Sports Law Awards Banquet to be held in Eckstein Hall on Friday, April 28, 2017. The award recipient will be encouraged to submit his/her article to the Marquette Sports Law Review, although its editorial board is not obligated to make an offer of publication.

Submit your paper for consideration here.

MENTORING PROCESS: For guidance about potential topics and research methodology, students interested in this writing competition are encouraged to consult with Anne Wall (visit her website at http://www.wallfamilyenterprise.com/governance/anne-wall/), Professor Matt Mitten, and/or Professor Paul Anderson. This mentoring process is designed to help students gain a better understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to become a specialist in sports brand protection and to produce work worthy of publication with the potential to lead to job opportunities in this field.