National Sports Law Institute, 2017 Annual Conference

10/13/2017 - 08:00
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National Sports Law Institute, 2017 Annual Conference
Date: Friday, October 13, 2017
Time: 8:00am
Location: Eckstein Hall, room 144
Access: RSVP Required
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On Friday, October 13th, 2017, the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School will host its annual conference "Maintaining the Integrity & Commercial Value of Sports While Protecting Athlete’s Rights."  The conference will provide an overview on how the integrity of sport is protected in the U.S. and several panel discussions of legal and ethical issues related to sports gambling, sport governing body legal and ethical duties to protect player safety, intersex and transgender issues in sports, and athlete’s rights (focusing on athlete activism, appropriate due process protections, and privacy interests).

The conference will also feature a Keynote presentation from Professor Richard McLaren, focusing on the Sochi Doping Scandal.  The World Anti-Doping Agency appointed Professor McLaren as the Independent Person to head an investigation into allegations of doping related to the Sochi Olympics. The results of his investigation were the McLaren Reports #1 and #2.  Professor McLaren will be presented with the Institute's Master of the Game Award during the conference lunch.  The conference will take place in the home of the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School, Eckstein Hall.

Complete details  can be found on the conference website.


Eckstein Hall, room 144
1215 W. Michigan Street