Buying a Computer

Marquette University does not require that law students purchase a laptop, however, it is recommended. The majority of in-class final exams are offered with the option of typing the exam on your laptop.

The Law School uses Examplify from ExamSoft for in-class final exams. Examplify is available for Windows and Mac, but not for Chrome OS. The law school offers wireless internet access throughout the entire building. Rooms 216 and 226 have computers which make it easy to utilize library resources without a laptop.

Here are the system requirements for Examplify.
NOTE: Examplify is not compatible with Chromebooks.

Suggested minimums for all computers:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB for SSDs or 500GB for standard drives
  • Integrated Wireless (802.11a/n)

For PCs:

  • 1.86Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
  • Windows 10 is suggested though older versoins through Windows 8 are acceptable 

For Macs:

  • High Sierra 10.13 is suggested though older versions through El Capitan 10.11 are acceptable

Recommended for all students

  • 16GB Flash Drive, a Surge Protector, and a Computer Lock
  • A frequent and established backup procedure for files

Purchasing a Computer

It is important to balance quality and performance with cost. Almost any newly purchased Windows based or Apple computer will have enough performace power to run Microsoft Word or any other law school application. If you use your computer beyond that (e.g. Editing photos or playing games) you may want to research specifications that fit your needs via Google.

Vendor Recommendations

Marquette University uses several computer vendors to purchase their equipment. The University has also negotiated student discounts with these vendors. Law students are not required to purchase from these companies, they are only intended as suggestions. Computer discounts: AppleLenovo

Note: Students are responsible for maintaining their personal computers. Marquette University and the Media and Technology Group do not provide repair or diagnostic services for student owned computers. Students should use their computer vendor for diagnosis and repair. The Media and Technology Group is able to assist students with connecting to, or using University resources.

rev 7.18.2018