Eckstein Hall Classroom Recording

Below you will find the step-by-step process for creating a class recording using your class Team.


  1. Schedule Your Class with a Room
    • When you schedule your class through Teams, you now need to add a LOCATION.
    • Please limit your meeting title to under 15 charactrers.
    • REMINDER: Make sure to add a channel from your class Team in the "Channel" field.
    • Watch Now

      1a. Some faculty have also requested a way to schedule a recording so the entire class DOES NOT get notified, only specific students. If you'd like to do that, you would follow the steps in this video, then proceed to step 2: Watch Now

  2. Join the Room to Your Meeting

    The cart (pictured in the video) is what brings your virtual students into your classroom and shows your classroom to the virtual students. A "Join" button will appear on the screen 10 minutes before the start of your class, clicking on the button with the cart's mouse will join the cart: Watch Now

  3. Teach as you would with Your Laptop (No Projected Content)

    Even if you have no need to use your laptop to project a PowerPoint, or show a video, we still suggest bringing your laptop to class to start the recording. Although the podium comptuer is still fully functional, and can be used if necessary, we are suggesting a personal laptop for sanitary purposes. On your laptop, make sure to turn off your video, mute your microphone, mute your computer speakers, and then start the recording. You can learn how to (Start the Recording) in Teams and (End the Meeting), important steps, by reviewing the Toolbar: Watch Now

  4. Teach as you would with Your Laptop (Sharing Content)

    If you want to use PowerPoint, you will use the podium to teach as you always would. Again, we highly suggest bringing your own laptop, although the podium computers are still functional. You’ll use the HDMI cord on the podium to project your laptop (we should have all necessary HDMI adapters for all types of laptops), then run your content through Teams. This is necessary so both your live students, and virtual students can see the shared content.

All videos can be found here, including how to set up discussions rooms.