Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Don't worry, everyone has questions, and we are here to help get those questions answered for you. Below are some common questions that will get you along your way...

  1.  How do I connect to the wireless network?
    Connecting is easy. Simply connect to the MU_Wireless or MU_Student network. Once selected, open your web browser of choice. The browser should direct you to the authentication page where you enter your Marqnet username and password.
  2. How do I reset my password?
    You may need to change or reset your MARQNET password using the website  Resetting your MARQNET password also changes your eMarq & CheckMarq password. If you have configured your mobile device for Marquette e-mail, you will need to update that password as well.

    Visit any public kiosk in Eckstein Hall, or use any connected computer to reset your password. If you have issues resetting your password, contact the IT Help Desk at (414) 288-7799.

  3. How do I get a class recorded?
    In order to have your class recorded, you must first receive permission from your professor. Not all professors allow for the recording of their classes. Once approval is received, you are required to fill out the online form for the proper scheduling of the class. An email will be generated shortly after the class has ended with the link to the online recording. You are required to log in using your Marqnet username and password in order to view the recording. A 12 hour notice is required.

    The law school uses Mediasite for our lecture capture solution. The Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is required to enable the viewing of these interactive media experiences.

  4. I need to check out a laptop for a short period of time. Where do I go?
    The library circulation desk has laptops for checkout. These include both Windows and Mac laptops. Your data should be saved to a USB stick or emailed. Data is wiped after shutdown for security purposes. Please contact the library circulation staff, and refer to the loan policy.
  5. I left my power adaptor at home. What can I do?
    Please visit the Media and Technology suite in 218 to see if a power adapter is available, otherwise contact the Library Circulation desk for Mac chargers. We have an array of supplies that might fit your laptop.
  6. How do I remove personal data from my Microsoft Word File?
    Often times your professor will ask that your personal information be removed from a word document prior to submitting your work. This is an easy task. Simply click the Microsoft button, and click Save As, Prepare for Sharing. Inspect the document, and when prompted, Remove All personal information. Depending on your operating system and version of Office, this will vary. Please refer to the Services for Students section of the website for more information.
  7. I am having difficulty logging into the law school website. What is my username and password?
    Your username and password are your Marqnet credentials. The same you use to check your Marquette e-mail or log into Checkmarq. Three failed attempts at your login will lock you out of your account for 15 minutes. Should you get locked out, wait the time, or contact the IT Helpdesk at, or call (414) 288-7799.
  8. I am sponsoring an event, how do I get digital signage created on the public kiosks and other areas of the building?
    Digital signage can be created for all major events. Signage for general meetings will not be created. A request must be made at least two weeks in advance. Requests can be made at Please include the name of the event, date, time, location, and short summary including contact information.
  9. How do I configure my phone to receive e-mail?

    Go to your e-mail settings and put in the following:

    Mail Type: Exchange
    Domain: Marqnet
    Enter your email address and password
    Make sure SSL Encryption is checked

    Full information can be found on the ITS website.

  10. How do I change a cable station in a study room or classroom?

    If you are wanting to change a channel, refer to the Time Warner cable guide, enter the numbers, including a dash, and hit enter. Otherwise, there are preset channels on the touch panel.