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The Marquette Law Review today launches its cutting-edge new website: Among other new features, the website includes the entire archive of the Law Review stretching back to 1916. With full-text searchability, the new archive represents a leap forward in the accessibility of scholarship published in the Law Review. (For those interested in the preoccupations of Marquette students and faculty members in earlier eras, individual issues are easily browsed.) The new website also includes draft versions of forthcoming articles, abstracts of recently published articles, links to the most downloaded articles, information for prospective authors and members, and a subscription feature. Coming soon will be video recordings and other media associated with recent Law Review symposia.

Today’s launch marks the culmination of a year’s worth of effort by many talented people. Particular thanks are owed to the Law Review’s Editor-in-Chief Marvin Bynum and Technology Editor Bryant Ferguson for their leadership. Thanks also to Raynor Library’s Ann Hanlon and to Dax Phillips, Julie Norton, and Megan O’Brien at the Law School for lending their expertise to the project. Ann played a particularly important role in helping us to work effectively with the Berkeley Electronic Press Digital Commons (where our diligent contact was Jonathan Cadle). Dan Blinka, Patricia Cervenka, Melissa McCord, and Stephen Boyett (the latter two of last year’s Law Review board) also made valuable contributions in the initial planning stages. Students Caitlin Brock and Mark Positano put a great deal of meticulous work into the creation of the archive PDFs. Finally, Dean Kearney has been unstintingly supportive of this initiative from start to finish.

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5 Responses to “New Law Review Website Debuts”

  1. Kevin Butzen Says:

    Wow, this is very impressive. You have all done incredible work in a short amount of time. It wasn’t long ago that this was an ambitious plan, and here we have the final product. Well done!

  2. Stephen Boyett Says:

    Congratulations to the current board and advisors of the Law Review! The site looks amazing. Having been present for some of the earliest meetings regarding this endeavor, I’m impressed at how quickly this enormous project came together (especially the archive AND searchability of past issues).

    As Kevin said, well done!

  3. Joe Welcenbach Says:

    A great contribution for the practicing lawyer.

  4. Marquette Law Review: Volume 5
    Issue 4 Volume 5, Issue 4 (1921) Article 1
    Economics and Jurisprudence
    W. H. Timlin
    I would appreciate if I can have the concluding part of this artcles which I belive has been publshed in another issue

    I am a PhD Student from Sri Lanka
    Thanking you

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