Commissioner Selig Joins Sports Law Faculty

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I am delighted that Commissioner Bud Selig now is a member of our sports law faculty. (See the University’s press release here.) His insightful lectures in our Pro Sports Law course enrich our students’ learning and offer an educational experience no other law school currently provides. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for having the unique and enjoyable opportunity to teach a sports law course with Commissioner Selig.

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2 Responses to “Commissioner Selig Joins Sports Law Faculty”

  1. Gordon Hylton Says:

    This is an enormous coup for the sports law program. It is also quite appropriate that the law school that had baseball’s first commissioner, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, on its faculty in 1909, now has the current holder of that office.

    My account of Landis’ affiliation with the law school can be found elsewhere on this blog. On an entirely self-serving note, I would like the record to show that in the spring of 2010, the Professional Sports Law course at the Marquette Law School was taught by Mitten, Selig, and Hylton.

  2. I have mixed emotions about this. There seems to be a trend towards associating nonlawyers with the law school. Coupled with the fact a number of MULS professors are not members of the State Bar, i.e. not licensed to practice law in Wisconsin, we have nonlawyers and those unable to actually practice law in Wisconsin teaching law to students who will. If we are going to keep the diploma privilege, we must tread carefully. Landis, of course, was a lawyer.

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