Drugs and Long-Term Care

Video is now available here from the Elder’s Advisor‘s fine conference last month on drugs and long-term care.  Here is the description of the conference:

For this symposium, we bring together a variety of practitioners and academics to speak on current topics about the use of pharmaceuticals for residents of long-term care facilities. Our speakers will address the impact of regulatory requirements on the timely delivery of medications to residents in long-term care facilities. They will discuss the impact of consumer choice and cost on the drug markets. They will also consider the implications of the medicalization of aging as a disease rather than treating aging as a natural process. Finally, we will close with a discussion of the legal, ethical, and medical concerns surrounding the ability of long-term care residents and their decision-makers to refuse medications and treatment.

I learned a great deal from the portions of the conference I attended — much of it rather disquieting — and I would recommend the video to anyone with a professional or personal interest in the way that drugs are administered in long-term care facilities.

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