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With the Marquette Law Faculty Blog about to celebrate its fourth anniversary, we thought it was time for a makeover.  Do you notice any of the changes?  The banner now includes three images from our wonderful new home, Eckstein Hall, in addition to the old image of the stained glass in Sensenbrenner Hall.  All of the old links and pages are still here, but reorganized in new ways that will prove (we hope) more helpful to readers and that will better highlight dynamic aspects of the Blog.  There are also a couple of new features in the navigation bar.  “Scholarly Resources” will take you to the Marquette Law Scholarly Commons, a terrific new repository of law review articles and other resources that was launched earlier this month.  (Read the announcement here.)  “Legal Resources” will take you to a list of useful links to free on-line resources, including court websites and Wisconsin statutory and administrative law.

Thanks to Ed Fallone and Melissa Greipp, who spearheaded the redesign; to Dax Phillips, who managed the technical side of things; and to Patricia Cervenka and the Law Librarians for their suggestions for the Legal Resources page.

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