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There has been plenty of news with the release of the new iPhone and new operating systems for Apple and Android. We’ve recently had a post on the volume of phone texting here. We haven’t had a conversation on how your phone helps you as a lawyer. I know that Dean Parlow and Prof. Grenig are dedicated iPad users and the teaching law librarians all have iPads. Those of us in the Media & Technology Group are both heavy Android and Apple users, although Android has a 3-1 lead for mobile phones and a greater lead in tablets.

What is the one legal app that you find indispensable on your phone or tablet? Obvious choices are email and calendar as the essential tools, so we’ll skip those. My choice is the productivity app Evernote.

Here are links to places that have lists of law and law-related apps:

eLangdell Commons (CALI); University of Florida – Apple and Android; Indiana Bloomington Mauer School of Law; Maryland School of Law; UCLA School of Law

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